Chiropractic is the largest alternative, drugless, natural healing profession. Focusing on the spinal column, muscles, tendons, nervous system, discs, joints and the relationship to body function. The chiropractor can perform an examination and provide safe, gentle, effective care for overall correction of many health conditions and restore and maintain health.


Several types of massage therapy are available and can greatly assist in the relief of pain from a variety of conditions. From reducing swelling, to breaking up scar tissue, to relieving painful spasms, to relief of tired, sore and aching muscles, to overall relaxation, you'll find the massage therapy available to be a valuable and comforting option to speed your recovery and make your care a pleasant experience.


Some conditions require strengthening after injury. This may be the case when there is a loss of strength, a decrease in the range of motion of a joint or a decrease in function, performance or endurance. An exercise or rehab program can stabilize, return to pre-injury status and prevent recurrence.


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We want to provide a supportive environment for people in pain. We are dedicated to educate you and provide new and effective treatments that can relieve your pain. Call us today and we'll also provide some helpful information about managing your stress and pain. We offer a variety of effective treatments. We have the technology and experience to help you find relief from painful conditions that interfere with your life.

CONSULTATION with Dr. Peter Huber

If you are one of the 30 million who suffer from low back pain, there's great news. You can find relief and helpful information at our health care facility. Call us for a consultation with Dr. Huber today (209) 957-6555.


Inflammation, painful spasm, heat, redness, soreness, bruising, joint and/or tissue stress, sensitivity may require measures to relieve pain. Management may be required in chronic cases. We will prescribe the most effective pain relief method for each individual.


We offer the additional support of "Core Strengthening and Muscle Stabilization". This is a rehab procedure which has proven invaluable for our patients who have been injured, have severe or long standing (chronic) problems, degeneration or for those who will be engaging in strenuous activities.