Accident Checklist of Symptoms

Migraine Headache, Ache all over, Numbness in limbs, Fatigue, Stiff or painful neck, Bursitis, Nausea, Neuritis, Dizziness, Tendonitis, Double vision, Loss of neck motion, Painful back, Blackouts, Muscle spasm, Muscle Swelling, Nervousness, Light blindness, Tingling in limbs, Loss of balance, Insomnia, Loss of hearing, Pinched nerves, Cold hands or feet, Ringing in ears, Shortness of breath, Poor circulation, Poor memory, Mental dullness, Anxiety, Tremors, Eye strain, Rapid heart beat, Periods of depression, Constipation, Diarrhea, Early arthritis, Painful Joints, Tension, Any Change from pre-accident condition

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How long does whiplash last?
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Accident Checklist of Symptoms
Take just two minutes to check for any symptoms you may have in the days and weeks following an accident. See checklist HERE

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